February 19, 2018

When it came to choosing a cost effective and environmentally friendly means of cooling, FACQ looked no further than Breezair Evaporative Cooling system. FACQ is a Belgian company that sells sanitaryware and bathroom fixtures all around the country, with 14 showrooms and 37 “Sanicentres”, where the goods are stocked.
Excessively high summer temperatures of between 34°C and 36°C have been reduced by up to 10°C following the installation of Breezair Evaporative Cooling System from Seeley International (Europe). Suggested and installed by Bioclimas, official supplier of Seeley International products in Belgium, the installation of the system has drastically improved the life of people working there.
Now, instead of the staff experiencing hot working conditions and clients feeling like in a tin box, the cool and fresh breeze provided by the evaporative coolers has reduced the temperatures to a comfortable 25°C.
Bioclimas took care of the installation of Breezair Evaporative cooling in more than 25 commercial warehouses all around Belgium, installing in each one between 2 and 14 evaporative cooling units, depending on the size of the area to cool: in fact, commercial  warehouses can measure until 4000 m2.
Evaporative cooling was the only viable option when cooling such large areas: air conditioning was not feasible, due to the high running and installation costs. The management has opted for Breezair for cooling and for floor heating during wintertime: for sure the best compromise for such commercial stores.
“The Breezair works really well and everyone is extremely happy about the system, which provides 100% fresh air from outside” says Alain Elleboudt, Facility Manager at FACQ. “We are experiencing an average of 10°C temperature drop, with respect to when Breezair was
not installed, thus improving the wellbeing of workers and clients as well. ”
“Not only Breezair can save you on running and installation costs,” says Michel Van Langendijck, partner of Bioclimas, “Evaporative cooling is also kind to the environment, because it only uses only water and electricity to run, with no harmful refrigerant gases, that deplete the ozone layer and our future as well.”

FACQ (bathroom fittings), Belgium