February 1, 2017

Evaporative conditioning system for a big food company

Granarolo is one of the main food groups in Italy (the third player in Italy in GDO) and a leading company in the national dairy industry. The industrial plant in Soliera (Modena-Italy), with its 5000 square meters distributed in three different spaces, was experiencing high temperatures in the summer months in June and July, forcing the over 150 workers to leave the factory for a while every two or three hours to breath some fresh air. This was resulting in poor productivity and dissatisfaction, since the building had no cooling system at all.

The managing group made a green choice, deciding to install Breezair Evaporative Coolers in their plant, assisted and supplied by Italkero, official Italian distributor for the product. They decided to install Breezair TBA 550 on the roof of the plant, to cool the whole production area, distributing cooled air to the distribution grills using a system of insulated ducts.

Granarolo’s management was positively impressed by the cooling capacity of Breezair, producing fresh air for the workers, improving the working conditions and allowing higher productivity. Breezair is economically efficient, since it supplies 100% fresh air at reduced running costs (compared with traditional air conditioning systems) and at the same time is an environmentally considerate choice, because these machines do not use any kind of chemical refrigerants.

Granarolo – Modena, Italy