April 11, 2017

Heineken, fourth largest beer brewing company in the world, has chosen evaporative cooling to cool the production area in Seville (Spain), reducing the energetic consumption of more than 80%.

Heineken España S.A. chose Breezair evaporative cooling system to cool the production area in Seville, preferring this eco-friendly solution, rather than traditional air conditioning systems. In fact, Breezair can reach the optimal temperature inside warehouses and industry plants, with a reduced electric consumption and without the use of chemical refrigerants.

Before the installation of Breezair evaporative coolers, high temperatures had often compromised the productivity of the Heineken industrial plant, which boasts 25.000 square meters’ area, negatively impacting the health and morale of the workers. Many of them had to leave the production area for a few hours in the hottest parts of the day to refresh, especially because of the heat generated by the equipment involved in the production.

Australair Ecoclimatizaciòn, official Breezair distributor for central and southern regions of Spain, successfully installed 105 Breezair TBA 550, reducing the summer temperatures inside the plant from 38-40°C to a more comfortable 25-26°C. With their optimum efficiency and unsurpassed reliability, Breezair air coolers ensure considerable energy and costs savings to the company, which is extremely satisfied with the new cooling system.

Heineken – Sevilla, Spain