March 8, 2018

Last summer when the mezzanine floor of the Diss-based business reached over 40°C, John Doe required an immediate cooling solution to reduce the temperature. A quote for air conditioning was too expensive, and with limited space in the warehouse, there was also the issue of a traditional air conditioning system taking up too much valuable space.

Overcoming these concerns, five Breezair TBSI580 Evaporative Coolers were installed by Cool Technology, ensuring the inside temperature decreased to a more comfortable 20°C – without impacting on the available space. Mr Collen Baker, Managing Director of Cool Technology said: “With the new TBSI580 units, we were able to match the supply load to the extract air, just on the standard controls, which now come with this function fully integrated into it.”

Edward Doe, managing director of John Doe believes the installation of the evaporative cooling system has provided a long-term answer to the company’s problems. He said: “The conditions we faced last year were posing a threat to the business and we needed a solution very quickly to ensure our customers and staff would be comfortable.

“A traditional air conditioning system was not such a viable option as capital and running costs would be extremely prohibitive, which most warehouses or industrial plants find. The Breezair TBSI580 Evaporative Coolers however, offered a cost effective, safe solution. Now we feel reassured that we are fully prepared for future high temperatures and can manage conditions both in-store and in our warehouse.”

John Doe furniture retailer, UK