April 11, 2017

Lankhorst Indutech is part of the Lankhorst Euronete Group, world’s leading supplier of fishing nets, wire and fibre ropes and related fishing gear. In Boticas (Portugal) they have one of the five manufacturing plants from which they operate, providing fast and efficient services to all the customers worldwide.

With no air conditioning equipment installed, the workers were suffering with temperatures rising until 40°C, in the 3870 square metres production area. Some of them were also fainting because of the high temperatures and had to leave the area for some time: this was impacting not only the morale of the people working in the plant, but also the productivity.

Coolair International, official Breezair distributor for Portugal, was contacted to solve the issue. Thanks to the expertise of its General Manager, Augusto Pita Pereira, 16 Breezair TBA 550 were installed on the roof of the factory, granting a fresh air stream inside the production area.

Evaporative Cooling is becoming the only viable option to cool large spaces, since using a traditional air conditioning system would be extremely difficult and expensive. Evaporative coolers like Breezair consume up to 80% less energy than a conventional air conditioner, using only electrical power and water. Without using chemical refrigerants, this system is also extremely energy-efficient, and also helps to preserve the environment.

In the Boticas factory, now the Management and the workers are extremely satisfied, enjoying better working conditions at lower temperatures. Having seen the success of the installation, the Management has made contact with Coolair International to install 4 more Breezair units in the Porto facilities.

Lankhorst Indutech – Boticas, Portugal