February 1, 2017

Padel 2.0 is a sport centre where people can enjoy playing padel or learn how to play. It is situated in Mòstoles, an industrial area of Madrid, where a lot of industrial plants have been closed during the crisis. Later on, this spaces have been converted into restaurants, pubs and many of them became Padel grounds, thanks to the high demand in this particular sport.

In particular, due to the hot climate in Madrid, the demand of practicing this sport inside, rather than outside, has become significant.

This indoor sport centres need to be air-conditioned and traditional cooling systems are not often the best option, first of all because they are extremely expensive, secondly because they often tend to generate gusts of wind, rather than a cool breeze.

Padel 2.0 found the best solution by installing three evaporative coolers Breezair TBA series in their indoor padel ground, taking advantage of the low installation costs, the reduced maintenance price and the low electricity consumption related to it.

The committees are enthusiastic about the solution found, noticing that usually the clients of the sport centre were giving up because of the inside temperature of padel ground. “They noted the difference between the gust of cold air given by traditional air conditioning systems and the cool breeze obtained with Breezair”, says Juan Rubio Millàn, CEO of Australair Ecoclimatizaciòn, official Spanish distributor for Breezair in Central and Southern regions, which took care of the installation.

Padel 2.0 – Madrid, Spain