April 11, 2017

The Pata Palo (Restaurante Espectaculo) restaurant in Spain has followed suit with other cooling installations owned by the same group and installed four Breezair TBA550s and four extractor fans. The evaporative air coolers cool an area of 400m2 and the entire system is controlled by an IWC controller which coordinates cooling and air extraction.

The restaurant belongs to the HORECA Group called Grupo Desvan, which has an important presence in the southern area of Madrid (Spain). Grupo Desvan currently owns eight sites. Pata Palo restaurant installed Breezair air coolers during the building’s construcion, because the group knew from experience how effective Breezair was in similar buildings owned by the same group.

The maximum summer temperatures in Spain reach approximately 42ºC, however after the Breezair has been installed in the Pata Palo restaurant, the Bar manager, Alfredo Revoltora said “the indoor climate is now extremely comfortable for both customers and staff and the excellent air quality is a plus.”

Grupo Desvan believes that Breezair is a perfect system for cooling restaurants and pubs, not only because it cools down the area effectively, but because it also provides filtered, high quality air at very reasonable costs.

For more information on the Pata Palo restaurant, please visit the website at salapatapalo.com.

Pata Palo Restaurant – Madrid, Spain