May 25, 2018

Unicer is the largest Portuguese exporter of beer – an operation that has already reached more than 50 countries, mainly through Super Bock, which is the bestselling Portuguese beer in the world. With almost a century of experience, Unicer Bebidas produces around 700 million litres annually, of which 400 million litres is
beer. Environmental concerns and cost reduction were key elements in the company’s decision to focus on energy consumption. The bottling plant in Porto was experiencing high summer temperatures, due to the presence of bottling machines as well.

Coolair, official supplier of Seeley International products in Portugal, has suggested Breezair evaporative cooling as a possible environmental friendly solution to reduce high summer temperatures in the bottling plant. “Evaporative cooling products are the perfect solution for commercial and industrial spaces, especially when dealing with huge areas” says Augusto Pita Pereira, General Manager at Coolair. “Seeley International’s evaporative cooling products are also perfect for companies that wish to reduce carbon emission without compromising on staff and customers’ wellbeing”.

After a trial installation of 2 Breezair TBA 550 units, Coolair supplied 9 Breezair TBA 550 evaporative coolers and 2 Enviromagic, to cool the bottle filling line.

The summer temperatures of 35°C were reduced by 10-11°C (depending on outside humidity), which is a great result for an industrial plant with no previously installed air conditioning system. Employers and Management were highly satisfied both by the trial and the final installation. Not only the installation of Breezair has improved temperature inside the plant, but it also improved indoor air quality.

“The Management is extremely happy about the installation, not only because it has improved working conditions, but also because of the environmental friendly benefits given by Evaporative Cooling.” – Augusto Pita Pereira, General Manager Coolair.


UNICER bottling company, Portugal