July 31, 2018

More than 450 Breezair units have been installed in the VEIASA – ITV (Vehicle testing centers) all over the South of Spain.
VEIASA (Verificaciones Industriales de Andalucía) is a public company which counts 71 vehicle technical inspection centres, ITV. VEIASA believes in continuous development and improvement, promoting energy efficiency while considering employees’ wellbeing.

Project requirements
The public company VEIASA (Verificaciones Industriales de Andalucia S.A.) had a significant heat issue in the testing centres. Working conditions were not easy: cars’ engines continuously switched on, plenty of cars to be tested,  buildings with semi-open areas and Andalusia, which is by far the hottest region in Spain. The problem of heat was connected to the stale and polluted air, due to the engines’ emissions. Moreover, testing centres usually have at least one side open, to allow cars in and to facilitate stale air extraction.

Australair Ecoclimatización, official supplier of Seeley International products in the central and southern regions of Spain, approached them, presenting Breezair evaporative cooling, the most suitable solution for semi open areas to improve
thermal comfort.

The management decided to test Breezair units in Huelva, seaside location (therefore pretty humid) and in Palma del Contado, in the middle of Andalusia, a significantly drier city. During trials, management realized that Breezair was the perfect solution to cool testing centres, and decided to adopt evaporative cooling in all 71 plants, completing the installation of 452 Breezair EXS 220 units in three stages (first 123, then 37 and finally the remaining 292 to cover all testing centres in Andalusia).

Breezair was the perfect solution to cool testing centres, because it perfectly works in semi-open areas, drawing fumes, germs and stale air out through building openings. Now VEIASA’s employees can enjoy a cool and pleasant environment, and they are absolutely delighted with their improved working conditions.

Industrial and commercial buildings usually have heat issues.
Air conditioning might seem the obvious solution, but it is expensive to install and maintain; and requires doors and windows to be kept shut.
As outside temperatures increase, buildings with inadequate ventilation become unbearably hot and stuffy. Not only does this effect staff morale, but can lead to absenteeism, reduced productivity and accidents.
Easy to install and maintain, Breezair evaporative coolers are the best solutions when cooling large areas. Only running with water and electricity, they use up to 87% less energy than conventional air conditioning, thus resulting in a significant saving in running costs.
Drawing 100% fresh air from outside, evaporative coolers offer a great health advantage over refrigerated air conditioning, which recirculates the same stale dry air over and over.

Vehicle testing centres, Spain