February 1, 2017

Wasel Car testing facility is a state of art vehicle testing facility, a franchisee of RTA (Road & Transport Authority, Government of United Arab Emirates) and previously had no cooling system installed.

The company found that there was very low productivity, especially during the hot afternoon hours. Staff were frequently getting sick due to dehydration and heat stroke.

When researching air conditioning options, Breezair evaporative cooling was the logical choice due to the semi-open air conditions of the facility, which features large openings on both sides of the building.

Ten Breezair TBA 550 units were installed in the Car Testing Facility (595 square metres), two to spot cool each of the five car testing lines, each 4 x 4 metres in area. Plus five Breezair TBA 550 units were installed in the automobile repair and maintenance workstation area, which comprises of five workstations each 57 square metres.

Since Breezair has been installed, staff are much happier and morale has increased. Productivity has also increased and sick leave has been significantly reduced.

Wasel Car Testing Facility (RTA) – Dubai, UAE